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Empowering the beauty community through mentorship, coaching, and ownership.

Become Bulletproof Now!

"Dreams are made one day at a time, so let's start today!" 

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Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur in New York City.

Lorean Cairns is the Co-Founder and CEO of the International Salon Group, Fox and Jane, Skin Habit, and Little Lion Salon. Her projects employee over 150+ members in 3 states and 2 countries. Lorean leads the charge in coaching/mentoring through Leaders, Executives, and Managers of all levels.
With nearly a decade of entrepreneurial experience and eight years as a wildly successful CEO of Fox & Jane Salon Group, Lorean Cairns can comfortably say that the secret to her success is deeply rooted in her ability to establish a company culture. From the moment you join the team you are deeply aware of what it means to be a Fox, it's more than just a's a way of life. 

Becoming Bulletproof

Build a business and a mindset that can sustain any situation.

I decided to create this mini online course to really provide the most value to leaders and business owners when facing challenging times as the ones we are living right now. Becoming Bulletproof is designed to help people like you in business, leadership and of course, culture. I'm going to show you how to live your dream culture, lead with clarity and operate fearlessly when any crisis hits. It’s a short course, but full of powerful tangible practices and techniques to keep your business a๏ฌ‚oat and come out stronger than ever.
With this course, I'm really hoping to do a deep dive into ways you can strengthen your business's employee retention, customer leads, quality of service, community, and overall health.


Live your Dream Culture
Culture makes or breaks business in crisis.
Lead with Clarity
Consistency and a united mission keep the ball moving forward.
Operate Fearlessly
Feel the fear and do it anyway.
Become Bulletproof
You are ready to handle anything life throws at you.
“Working with Lorean Cairns is an experience in which you get to 'choose your own adventure'. Not only do you feel fully supported in your professional dreams with Lorean, you know you can safely stumble, but never fall with her support.
One of Lorean’s greatest skills is recognizing greatness in others, arguably her greatest skill is her ability to help people recognize it in themselves.
Through working with Lorean I have learned not only how to be a great team player, but a capable leader in my own right.”
- Matt King, Director of Education at Fox & Jane

Mastering culture and leadership is the first step for success

What would your business look like if:

You could operate without fear
By embracing fear and moving forward.
Your team was empowered
To hit standards and surpass the goals.
Your salon culture was clear
And your team community reflected it.

Coaching and mentorship for the ready to succeed entrepreneur 

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