Lorean Cairns

Lorean Cairns

Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur in New York City.



Lorean Cairns is the Co-Founder and CEO of the International Salon Group, Fox and Jane, Skin Habit, and Little Lion Salon.  Her projects employee over 150+ members in 3 states and 2 countries. Lorean leads the charge in coaching/mentoring through Leaders, Executives, and Managers of all levels. With nearly a decade of entrepreneurial experience and eight years as a wildly successful CEO of Fox & Jane Salon Group, Lorean Cairns can comfortably say that the secret to her success is deeply rooted in her ability to establish a company culture. From the moment you join the team you are deeply aware of what is means to be a Fox, it's more than just a job...it's a way of life.

Lorean's affinity for leadership has lead her to her newest endeavor sharing her vision for Culture Development in her new book, Culture Fox, and speaking across the country at industry events.


Coaching thru Culture - Art of Business 2019

lorean participated in the last art of business conference in philadelphia, in front of 400 hundred people. She shared her experiences and ideas to develop A coaching culture within your business. a coaching culture simply means supporting your employees so that they learn new skills and become greater assets to the company. it is A management technique that emphasizes training, regular feedback, and opportunities for growth creates a more engaged and energized workforce.


Lorean was a spectacular speaker at our Art of Business salon management seminar. She brings a rare blend of industry acumen as well as great speaking skills. Our attendees really connected with her personally, as well as the ideas she presented on culture and leadership. I highly recommend seeing her speak and using her for a future event!
— Josh Hafetz - Art Of Business 2019


While Lorean Cairns may have began as one of NYC’s most sought-after hair artists, but her influence in the industry only starts there. Cairns took her passion of hair and turned it into an empire. She knew she would have to build it differently because she felt something was missing from the salon scene. It was a culture she envisioned creating, not just another salon. Her journey within the hair industry led her to be the co-founder, CEO, and creative director of the International salon group, Fox and Jane Salons, Little Lion Salon and Skin Habit - a San Diego based skin center. But Cairns is so much more than just a business owner; she’s an educator, a mentor, an influencer, and beauty and trend forecaster for several publications.

Her beginnings in the hair industry started at the Aveda Institute in Denver, CO. where she was quickly recognized for her natural knack in the craft. It wasn’t long before she was celebrated as the “go-to girl” for delivering innovative cuts and color creations that paved the way for the trends of the time. Little did Cairns know then where this career would take her, but she knew she wanted to do it big.

Her eyes were set on the horizon of success which propelled her career to NYC where her reputation grew as rapidly as her client list. Her name was soon being ranked on numerous “best of New York” lists including Allure and Refinery29.  She’s seen and done it all from A-list celebs, to high-ranked business men and women, to everyday New Yorkers. All of her success was paving the way for her next, even bigger dream - to open her own salon in New York City. In 2011 Lorean, alongside her best friend and business guru, Billy Canu, opened the doors to the first location of Fox and Jane.

Cairns has fiercely and lovingly led the company’s growth each step of the way. Fox and Jane expanded to eight salons in just seven years, making it recognized as one of the top salon brands in NYC, Colorado and Toronto. The salon culture is synonymous with current trends and a unique client experience, which Cairns is elated to be the driving force behind. Watching her vision come to fruition has been a progressive process teaching her and her team to find joy in discovering what works and what doesn’t each step of the way.

She’s recently expanded the Fox and Jane brand to become a hub for not only great hair, but for good education right in the heart of NYC. You can catch Cairns hosting various workshops sharing her journey and tools for success at her education studio alongside the best in the business - allowing hair education to be accessible to all. She believes education is the key to advancing and maintaining success. Keep your eyes peeled for her first book, Culture Fox, due to be released in 2019. She’ll describe in detail her journey and what it takes to stand out from the rest as a fierce leader, and how building from a place of love will be the driving force in creating a company culture.

Working with Lorean Cairns is an experience in which you get to “choose your own adventure”. Not only do you feel fully supported in your professional dreams with Lorean, you know you can safely stumble, but never fall with her support.

One of Lorean’s greatest skills is recognizing greatness in others, arguably her greatest skill is her ability to help people recognize it in themselves.

Through working with Lorean I have learned not only how to be a great team player, but a capable leader in my own right.
— Matthew King